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ODSIOpen Directory Services Interface
ODSiOffshore Digital Services, Inc. (Fremont, CA)
ODSIOrtho Diagnostic Systems Inc. (Raritan, NJ)
ODSIOptical Data Systems, Inc.
ODSIOptical Domain Service Interconnect (consortium of 50+ carriers)
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Alcatel equipment was deployed to verify the ODSI protocol multi-vendor interoperability on an optical switch connected to routers of different vendors.
This first and innovative test has given rise to great interest among the service providers present at the demonstration - including France Telecom, GTS and Swisscom - who appreciate the pragmatic ODSI approach for defining a smooth evolution for the introduction of optics into carrier networks.
The ODSI specification is the industry's first electrical-optical interface protocol that enables service providers to leverage native intelligence at both the IP and optical layers of the public network.
The first implementable specification of its kind, ODSI has executed on its plan and is the first standards coalition to test interoperability between optical and electrical devices.
The goal of ODSI is to create a practical technical framework that will allow networking devices to signal the optical core to dynamically request high-speed bandwidth connections.
The scalable design of Quarry's iQ Series will be offered in a variety of form factors and will include OC-48 interfaces with ODSI support for interfacing to the optically switched WAN backbone in a subsequent release.