ODSPAOntario Disability Support Program Act (Canada)
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In March 2003, the Ontario Divisional Court dismissed the appeal of two men who disputed decisions by the Ontario Social Benefits Tribunal, which agreed with the ODSP Director's ruling that the two men, who are addicted to alcohol, were ineligible for benefits under ODSPA Section 5 (2).
In his judgement Justice Weiler agreed with the men's argument that the Tribunal has been imbued with powers to consider questions of law, including the Code, and that power is further supported because "the power to apply the Code has not been excluded in the ODSPA, either expressly or by implication.
However, he dismissed the appeal because he ruled that the best forum in which to decide the dispute as to whether the ODSPA section 5 (2) infringes upon the Code "is one that is best determined by the procedure under the Code.