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ODTOtago Daily Times (New Zealand Newspaper)
ODTOn-Die Termination
ODTOn Time Delivery (logistics)
ODTOrally Disintegrating Tablet
ODTObject Definition Table
ODTOnline Debugging Technique
ODTon Die Technology
ODTOperational Requirements and Data Processing System Team
ODTOpen Office Document
ODTon Die Termination
ODTOpen Desktop
ODTOr Die Trying (gaming)
ODTOil Down To (petrophysicists)
ODTOpen Document Text
ODTOhio Department of Taxation
ODTOptical Diffusion Tomography
ODTOffice of Defense Transportation
ODTOverseas Deployment Training
ODTOven Dried Tonne (biomass measurement)
ODTOregon Department of Transportation
ODTOrthopedic Design and Technology (online magazine)
ODTOrganisational Development & Training (various organizations)
ODTOral Digital Thermometer
ODTObjective Dvorak Technique (algorithm; tropical cyclone strength estimation)
ODTOctal Debugging Technique
ODTOffice Document Technology
ODTOptical Data Transmission
ODTOrion Display Technology (Seoul, Korea)
ODTOpen Desk Top
ODTOven Dry Ton
ODTOrganizational Development Team
ODTObject Data Type
ODTOnce-Daily Tablet (medicine)
ODTOptimal Data Technologies
ODTOperational Demonstration Test
ODTOrganizational Design Team
ODTOperation Desert Thunder
ODTOmnidirectional Transmission
ODTOutside Diameter Tubing (steel or copper tubing port on a connector or adapter)
ODTOlympic Drinking Team
ODTOrchesis Dance Theatre (Central Michigan University)
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Thus ODT may be developed for most of the available drugs in near future.
With very disparate organizations and an ocean in between, consistent communication is critical in facilitating the ODT rotations.
They collected blood samples after 24 and 48 hours post-surgery, and tested them for concentrations of tramadol and ODT using "high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry", which separates out the different components in the blood.
The next samples of AF show a different composition because both main ODT components and O-PPG were used in all samples and only one abrasive; calcinated alumina with finest grain of 2,9-3,1[mu]m.
Right, Oliver Townend and ODT Tivoli win Intermediate Section N on dressage score.
There are currently no ODT formulations of HB/APAP available in the United States.
The report also provides a full description of the base, rates, and provisions of each of the 21 taxes and three local government funds administered by ODT, along with detailed statistical data on each tax.
Though co-ordinating stateside car, bus, and rail transport for civilians and the military was a complex task, it was simple compared to the real challenge the ODT faced: frustrating the desires of Americans who finally, after years of economic hardships, had extra income they were eager to spend.
But when ODT, based in Salt Lake City, offered the chance to explore everything from ballet to hip hop, plus a European tour and four annual home seasons, Benson jumped.
Action, combat, exploration and puzzle-solving are what you'll need to get through a great new PlayStation game from Psygnosis, ODT (Or Die Trying).