ODaFOpen Data Foundation
ODaFOrissa Development Action Forum
ODaFOpen Democracy Advisory Forum
ODaFOrbix Database Adapter Framework
ODaFOhio Dental Association Foundation
ODaFOperational Demonstration, Analysis and Feedback (US Army)
ODaFOil Directed Air Forced (transformer Cooling mechanism)
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Tenders are invited for Total lump sum for design engineering rewinding of all the three phases using existing core with change of lv voltage from 15 kv to 15.75 k replacement of 17 taps oltc to 9 taps octc inspection and testing at works as per is delivery assembly and joint inspection at site of 1 no of cgl make sl no t 8331 3 phase 50hz 250 mva 15.00kv 420 kv ynd1 onan onaf odaf cooled generator transformer as per tender document.
During the Oklahoma Dental Association (ODA) and the Oklahoma Dental Assistant Association (ODAA) Annual Sessions in late April, the subject most discussed, of course, was infection control In Oklahoma, the ODA Foundation (ODAF) has been providing all education required for dental assistants in Pit & Fissure, Coronal Polishing and Radiology.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 1 No 250 MVA 15.75 420 kV 3phase 50 Hz outdoor 2 winding ONAN ONAF ODAF cooled YNd1 connected Spare Generator Transformer with off load tap changer with first filling of oil plus 10 percent extra oil for Raichur Thermal Power Station