OEACOrdo Equester Aurei Cervi (Latin: Equestrian Order of the Golden Hart; Australia)
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In terms of product counts, compared to Canada (which has 29 RCA products), Japan, OEACs, and Mexico have RCA for fewer products, while the US, the EU-27, and China have RCA for more products.
The other noteworthy result is that the US supplies 42% of global aircraft and spacecraft exports, Japan supplies 15% of world vehicle exports, and OEACs contribute more than half of the world's exports on electrical machinery.
In this way, Canada has a RCA only in HS-87 "vehicle other than railway" and HS-88 "aircraft and spacecraft" (as was also shown in Table 2), whereas OEACs and Mexico have on three, the US has on four, and EU-27 and Japan have on five.