OEBMOld Economy Business Model
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The 1948 MRC streptomycin trial could perhaps be called the pinnacle of the OEBM in the sense that it provided the most useful scientific information about how to treat tuberculosis, and it opened the era of RCTs in medicine, which were perfect examples of the testing of the falsifiable hypotheses a la Popper in medical research.
The anion gap or the Henderson Hasselbalch centered practice of medicine was simply a reflection of the biomedical model and represented the mechanistic reasoning of the OEBM that the founders of NEBM tried to avoid.
I propose we simply have to take back the NEBM from their current owners by arithmetic, logic, and reading, recalling that what I like to call the pinnacle of OEBM, the RCT, which has been snatched away by the same group the same way.