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OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (aka Office of Economic Cooperation and Development)
OECDOffice of Economic Cooperation and Development (aka Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
OECDObsessive Edward Cullen Disorder
OECDOffice of Environmental Compliance and Documentation
OECDOffice for Early Childhood Development
OECDOffice of Exchange Coordination and Designation (US State Dept)
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9% today, which is well above the OECD average of 57.
A team responsible for judging implementation of OECD agreement by the government will be visiting Pakistan soon and conduct meetings with the FBR and other concerned authorities to assess the situation.
While improvements have been made in recent years, additional capital and efficient investments will be needed to keep up with demand for infrastructure development in the fast-growing economy,' the OECD noted.
Mikser thanked OECD for the work done to draw up an overview of the Estonian economy and affirmed that Estonia will take the overview's conclusions and recommendations into account when making decisions.
He conveyed Pakistan's desire to become a key OECD partner country.
The text underlines the importance of the link between the working groups, MENA-OECD networks and OECD committees.
Pakistan, though not a member of the OECD, has been regularly invited to participate in its various committee meetings.
In the longer term, the impact of exit on the United Kingdom would depend on supply-side effects," the OECD said.
The OECD also found the Australian health care system particularly complex, with responsibilities split between federal and state governments, which they say has led to a fragmented system that is difficult for patients to navigate.
When viewed historically, there is no question but that the OECD has had a profound impact on those aspects of international tax law for which it has sought to establish standards.
It is refreshing to read that "this report marks the start of a renewed and concentrated effort across the OECD to put productivity at the heart of (the OECD's) work on strong, inclusive and sustainable growth" (page 3).
In more than one out of three OECD countries, pay in the lower part of the wage spectrum was still lower in 2013 than it had been six years earlier.