OECDDOregon Economic and Community Development Department (State of Oregon)
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We have taken the corporate model of a brand identity and are focusing on raising the brand awareness of 'Oregon' as a place for businesses to invest and expand," says Ron Fox with the OECDD.
Leads generated from print media and a direct-mail campaign are collected by the OECDD and then dispersed to the respective communities.
All services provided by the state, ranging from police to environmental protection, support economic development in some fashion, but that doesn't mean every one of them should be under the OECDD umbrella.
To this point, all of the [enterprise zone] incentives have been provided by local governments because it comes from property taxes," says Patrick Allen, small business and emerging technology manager for OECDD.
The OECDD hopes to have the e-commerce enterprise zones designated by January of 2002.
In addition to revenue, general fund, or other pledges, OECDD may request that the state divert revenue due to a local government in the event that the respective entity defaults on its loan obligation.
Administered by OECDD, the Oregon Bond Bank funds infrastructure loans to localities statewide through three main programs: special public works; community facilities; and water/wastewater.
But just as it would be unfair to complain that all the fire department does is put out fires or that all the police do is arrest criminals after the crime has been committed, it is wrong to accuse the OECDD and its local counterparts, such as the Lane Metro Partnership, of being interested only in recruiting high profile businesses from out of town.
Banks, the former international manager for the OECDD, knew Japan presented possibilities, in particular the economically strong Kyushu.
While the OECDD had been looking into the Region to Region program, the Port of Portland and Delta, its longtime partner, had begun looking to create some economic activity of their own.
Tourism-centered businesses like hotels, restaurants and shopping centers would figure to benefit from the increased stopover traffic in Portland the flight would generate, economic activity one airline lobbying group estimated at $250 million annually The OECDD saw opportunities for Japanese investment in Oregon and for Oregon expansion into Japan.