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OECFOverseas Economic Cooperation Fund (Japan)
OECFOpto-Electronic Conversion Function (sensors)
OECFOman Equestrian and Camel Federation
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Of the two, OECF and its effect on a corporation's dividend policy may be of greater relevance due to recent market events.
Con el creciente numero de proyectos dei OECF en el campo del medio ambiente y dei desarrollo social y como una posible forma de participacion civil en la cooperacion economica, la colaboracion con las ONG se volvera mas esencial", (16) una conclusion que comparten otras instituciones.
In his 1999 visit to Japan, Fujimori was able to secure $416 million in new credits from OECF and $242 million from JEXIM.
The total amount of OECF money involved in the project could not be immediately determined, nor is it clear if the OECF itself, which became the Japan Bank for International Cooperation in October 1999, plays any direct role in the administration of the projects.
OECF (1997) The Privatisation Policies in Pakistan: Current Situation and Future Challenges.
This latest loan brings the cumulative total of OECF loan commitments to Mauritius to Y9,134m ($77m) and will make a significant contribution to the reparation of the country's coastal eco-system and, in turn, its economic foundation.
This meeting reaffirmed the direction of Japanese assistance to focus in its technical cooperation in basic needs in the social sector (support of rice and grain development by DAL), with OECF loans in infrastructure.
Thus a number of foreign-funded bridge programs came up over the years, such as the Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Bridges along Arterial Road (funded by the OECF and Japans JBIC), the Constructing Bridges along Rural Roads (funded by Japans Jica), the Bridge Retrofit Project (funded by the ADB), and the Presidents Bridge Program (partly funded by the British government).
Financed by a $410m Japanese OECF loan, it has four 100 MW gas turbines and two 100 MW steam turbines.
05 billion yen into a bank account in Tokyo around March 1994, telling the OECF the firm would spend the money to raise eels in a joint venture it had set up in China's Guangdong Province, police said.
Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund, Annual Report 1997 (Tokyo: OECF, Japan, 1997), p.
The OECF and the Export-Import Bank of Japan merged Oct.