OECOOrganizacion de los Estados del Caribe Oriental (Spanish: Organization of States of the Eastern Caribbean)
OECOOutboard Engine Cutoff (NASA)
OECOOverseas Economic Cooperation Operation (Japan)
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71) La Organizacion de Estados del Caribe Oriental (OECO) se creo en 1981, integrada en principio por Antigua, Dominica, Granada, San Cristobal y Nieves, Santa Lucia y San Vicente y las Granadinas; ademas de Montserrat, territorio bajo control colonial britanico y cuya participacion le ha traido problemas a la OECO en relacion con uno de sus principales objetivos que es la coordinacion de politi-cas exteriores conjuntas, ya que esto es dificil de lograr por estar los intereses de Inglaterra de por medio.
However, this does not change the conclusions of last years OECO Canada Survey:
As OECO moved from its cumbersome organizational structure to high performance, Coonan started with a blank slate.
The board of directors for the Initiative includes aerospace representatives from Pro-Met Machining, Teledyne Wah Chang Albany, and OECO Corp.
Lee brings many years of manufacturing and operating experience to OECO Milwaukie, and has been instrumental in improving operations since joining the company," said John Lillicrop, CEO of OECO Corp.
OECO found itself being pushed to produce power supplies inside the European Community and eventually in the Far East.
OECO is an $80-million company whose resources come nowhere close to those of their big multinational customers like Unisys, Tandem Computers, and Digital Equipment Corp.
OECO considered establishing an operation in Ireland, Scotland, Normandy, the Netherlands, and Germany.
Lillicrop was named to the board of directors of both OECO Corp.
a multidimensional, diversified product company with world wide operations will play an important role in the future success of OECO operations.
If any manufacturing plant can be described as "light on its feet," the OECO Corporation's electronics plant in Milwaukie can.
Last year, OECO and its two wholly owned subsidiaries in Minnesota grossed $75 million, of which $48 million originated from the Milwaukie office.