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With the completion of the Supplement to the OED, the Oxford University Press has taken under consideration an electronic form for the dictionary [18].
"Adding Philippine English words to the OED is about something we hear a lot these days representation.
ETH O DAN 25 OED. DOSBARTH DERBYN AC IAU: Hunan ddewisiad 1.
From its first edition to its latest, the OED has included many words from the new varieties of English, including Philippine English.
'The embassy, through Sentro Rizal-London, is proud to work with the OED in sharing Philippine English's [evolution] over the years.'
The OED's third edition also sees the inclusion of several words originating in the Philippines and new senses of existing English words like gimmick (meaning a night out with friends) and viand (a meat, seafood, or vegetable dish that accompanies rice in a typical Filipino meal).
Samuel Johnson was responsible for the overall look and feel of the first OED, where each word was defined and illustrated with quotes.
The OED proposes the expression exempli causa as a variant of exempli gratia.
A borrowing from Tagalog, OED wrote in the etymology section of the word kilig.
Katherine Martin from Oxford Dictionaries explained: "The OED's editors appeal for help from the public when they strongly suspect that earlier evidence of a word exists, but haven't been able to track it down.
is described by the OED, merely as coming from the surname "Thorpe".
Michael, a former pupil of Fettes College in Edinburgh, said: "When I first joined the OED in 1989, I was part of a small team of five in the new words group.