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OEDOffice of Economic Development
OEDOffice of Enrollment and Discipline
OEDOffice of the Executive Director
OEDOxidation Enhanced Diffusion
OEDOSIS Evolutionary Development
OEDOffer Expiration Date
OEDOgretim Elemanlari Dernegi
OEDOperational Effectiveness Demonstration
OEDOperational Evaluation Demonstration
OEDOperational Environment Documentation
OEDOil Energy Downstream
OEDOperations Evaluation Department
OEDOffice of Entrepreneurial Development (various organizations)
OEDOlje- og Energidepartementet (Norwegian: Ministry of Petroleum and Energy)
OEDOriginal Effective Date (health insurance)
OEDOxford English Dictionary
OEDOpto-Electronic Device
OEDOracle Energy Downstream
OEDOld English Dictionary
OEDOptical Edge Device
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The phrase par exemple is attested in the OED from 1801 onwards, and although at present it is occasionally used as an EM, it is not fully naturalised.
Jonathan Dent, OED senior assistant editor, said they look beyond the US and the United Kingdom to include words like ang moh, a Singapore English term for a light-skinned person, and yum cha, a Chinese meal of dim sum and tea.
ENDENNED (placed into a den: OED, past tense inferred)
com/appeals/ parmo Info OED website currently serves up THE current entry for "parmo" on the OED appeals website reads: THE parmo is a food associated with the area of Teesside, in North-east England.
The first OED fascicle, containing words from A-Ant, was published five years into the ten-year project in 1884.
The combined evidence of OED and DOST for E helmet shows that forms with '-1-' are normal in England, while those with '-w-' and '-nt' are peculiar to Scotland: helmonte may therefore be an attempt to reconcile the two national forms, and is perhaps exactly what one might expect from an Englishman writing in Scots.
Now the interweaving of the Historical Thesaurus of the OED and other linking features .
New or revised entries, however, are published every three months on the official OED website, with the next set of updates due in September.
Whilst the OED is now freely accessible, it may not seem instantly accessible in terms of its initial reading demands.
of the OED can rest assured that the idea of traditional book publication has not been consigned to the scrapheap.
The CD-ROM version of the OED (a single disk, published most recently in January 2005 at $295) allows researchers to chase down, among other things, a word's appearance throughout the OED, and to find any given writer's contribution to the etymology of a word or words.