OEDCOhio Economic Development Council
OEDCOswego Economic Development Corporation (Illinois; est. 1996)
OEDCOuachita Economic Development Corporation (Louisiana)
OEDCOrange Empire Dog Club (Bloomington, CA)
OEDCOffice of Epidemiology and Disease Control (Miami-Dade County Health Department; Florida)
OEDCOil-Exporting Developing Country
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He further stated that OEDC was also able to improve the collection efficiency in the area.
But the NAO said that while Britain was fifth overall for the least number of road deaths per head of population internationally, it was only 11th out of 24 in the developed OEDC countries for pedestrian deaths, with the latest figures being for 2006.
The Chi-square independence test was applied to test differences between distributions of African and OEDC countries among AIDS-rate categories.
3 Fuente: Elaboracion propia en base a, OEDC, Science, Technology and Industry.
7) See The New Economy: Beyond the Hype, The OEDC Growth Project (Paris, OECD, 2001).
Next, Jacques Sasseville, Head of Tax Treaty Unit at the OECD in Paris, gave a very lively presentation on the OEDC perspective on the permanent establishment concept.
Industry oil stocks in the OEDC area were at the bottom of the range seen over the last five years as the northern hemisphere moves into the winter season, when oil consumption rise for heating purposes.
OEDC services include assistance in these areas: available sites and buildings inventory; business assistance programs; workforce; energy; training; transportation/communications; taxes; financing; markets; inter-agency liaison; and site inspection tours.
OEDC (1992),Technology and the Economy: The Key Relationships, Paris, Organisation for Economic co-operation and Development.
In a more recent study Ahmad, Rosser, and Sheehan (1988) apply a VAR model to the OEDC (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) economy for the period 1971:I to 1985:I.
The office is a result of a partnership between CPSI, the State of Louisiana, the City of Monroe and OEDC Land Corporation.
The OEDC found those with low earnings did much better out of the UK system, with employees on half average earnings able to expect a pension at around 78% of their pre-retirement post-tax income.