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The OEDC said the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) approved an interim relief of P0.3776 per kilowatt hour (kwh) after the company filed a rate increase of P0.97 per kwh in September, 2015.
Regulatory Overhang: The buyer consortium initiated tariff proceedings this week to establish the initial lease terms between Oncor AssetCo and OEDC. The PUCT must rule on the initial rates and tariffs of Oncor AssetCo before August 5th, or the order to purchase and restructure Oncor expires.
Hong Kong students' performance is significantly above the OEDC average, with reading at rank 4, and rank 2 and 3 for mathematics and science respectively.
In this respect, education and on-the job training have been considered as determinant human capital elements to enhance the labor market flexibility (OEDC, 1995).
Orencio Vasquez, coordinator of the Spain-based Observatory of Corporate Social Responsibility, maintains that execution of the most comprehensive CSR policies arises equally from the need to adhere to the governing principles of the Oedc and the United Nations, and to their own agreements at the regional level, especially in Europe.
(89) Osvaldo Larafiaga, "Inequality, Poverty, and Social Policy; Recent Trends in Chile" OEDC (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), Social, Employment, and Migration Working Papers 85 (April 2009), 116.
The former Strehlow Garage is currently owned by the Omaha Housing Authority (OHA), which plans to transfer ownership of the property to the Omaha Economic Development Corporation (OEDC) for inclusion in the housing project after the tank removal and related environmental assessment work is completed.
(107) Like the FCPA and OEDC, it prohibits bribes to foreign government officials.
Tambien denominados "urbanizaciones sobresalientes", suele asignarse a estos proyectos el objetivo de mejorar la imagen de la ciudad y proyectarla como lugar atractivo para vivir, trabajar e invertir, incentivar el turismo y estimular su produccion cultural (OEDC) (2).
oEDC is continually encouraging local exporters to use these to their advantage and aim for a wider reach and an international customer base.o