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The Colorado OEDIT works to foster a positive business climate that encourages quality economic development through financial and technical assistance for local and regional economic development activities throughout the State of Colorado.
Not only is there direct job retention, but its ensuring that smaller communities have a place to celebrate arts and culture, said Stephanie Copeland, Executive Director of OEDIT.
Theater will need to demonstrate to the SBDC and the Colorado OEDIT that it will be economically viable after the digital conversion
This program will infuse capital into markets that need it most and help businesses scale and create jobs, said Jeff Kraft, Director of Business Funding & Incentives at OEDIT.
In Mexico, OEDIT works with a consultant, Raul Arriaga Becerra.
This is very impactful from a business perspective," says Hoechstetter, commending Billet and the OEDIT.
WTC Orlando and Miami-Dade Countys OEDIT join two other Making Global Local partners in Florida, bringing the total to 60 members representing 30 states and the District of Columbia.
So last December, the OEDIT, in partnership with the University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center, opened the Advance Colorado Center in OEDIT's offices in the World Trade Center complex at 1625 Broadway in downtown Denver.
0 applications and OEDIT will work with the awardees to accomplish these goals by providing technical assistance and tracking process on these initiatives over a two years periods.
These studies will provide rural communities with the necessary tools to utilize this emerging industry and build a diverse economic base," said Brian Vogt, director of the OEDIT and acting secretary of technology.