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OEECOrganization for European Economic Cooperation (predecessor of OECD)
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In 1961, the OECD was formed to take over from the OEEC with a mandate
The total sum of aid to the OEEC, composed of 15 countries, amounted to 13 billion dollars, 89 per cent of which was gratis.
Ireland had been slow to respond to the new trading opportunities offered by the European Recovery Programme, the OEEC's liberalisation programme or European integration.
Desde sus origenes como canalizador de la ayuda norteamericana para la reconstruccion de Europa tras la II GM, y pese a agrupar a naciones que responden alrededor de 2/3 del PNB y del comercio mundial, el papel de la OEEC (y de la OECD en las cinco ultimas decadas) apenas se ha estudiado en profundidad, por contraste con los analisis relativos al FMI, BM, OMC y la propia UE.
The long period, since 1953, spent at OEEC (which later became OECD) helped consolidate his rich economic and statistical background.
La OCDE es la continuadora de la Organizacion para la Cooperacion Economica Europea (OEEC por su sigla en ingles) creada en 1947 para administrar los fondos del Plan Marshall para la reconstruccion de Europa despues de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
The Turkish President added that 'While certain aspects of the crisis have affected the financial institutions in Europe and member countries of the Organization for European Economic Co-operation; (OEEC), Turkey has been one of the least affected countries.
It is slightly ironic that this "Americanization" came about under the aegis of international and national institutions such as the Organization for European Economic Cooperation (OEEC), the European Coal and Steel Union, and the Bretton Woods institutions--the irony of course being that the shift toward a focus on market solutions and continuous rationalization was very much dependent on the activities of non-market organizations or even cartels.
This was against the backdrop of the early 1950s, which was marked by the decline of the role of the Organisation for European Economic Cooperation (OEEC), starting in 1952, attributed to the "unexpected end of the Marshall Plan and a sudden shift towards NATO" on the one hand and the negotiation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) Treaty drawn up by Jean Monnet and launched by Robert Schuman, French foreign minister, on 9 May 1950, on the other.
Maas, Anlage 2: Vorschlag der deutschen Delegation zur Frage der Auswanderung vorgelegt dem Ausschuss fur Arbeit der OEEC in Paris am 15.
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