OEHSOswego East High School (Oswego, IL)
OEHSOffice of Environmental Health & Safety (University of Virginia)
OEHSOlathe East High School (Olathe, KS)
OEHSOffice of Environmental Health Services (various locations)
OEHSOccupational and Environmental Health Society (Singapore)
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The GTAP was created to identify and assess deployment OEH hazards and threats for worldwide COCOM, Component Command, Joint Task Force, and the military services' priority deployment areas, both existing and planned.
The GTAP coordinates with theater customers to ensure that all predeployment (phase I) OEH surveillance products are expeditiously requested, produced, and disseminated.
In addition to its forecasting and planning responsibilities, the GTAP develops and coordinates deployment OEH surveillance sample summary assessments for current military operations.
As illustrated in Figure 1, from 1996 to 2002 the DESP produced and disseminated numerous predeployment OEH products in support of the planning and execution of military operations and exercises in Europe--including Bosnia and Kosovo--and southwest, central, and southeast Asia.
The support efforts provided the deploying forces with pertinent deployment OEH surveillance assessments and information on known and potential health threats, risks, and enhanced sampling requirements for main operating bases, forward operating sites, cooperative security locations, and other known and planned locations of military interest.
The GTAP supports other government and allied organizations with predeployment OEH information.
The GTAP will produce phase I assessments or deployment OEH surveillance summary assessments for identified sites as tasked.
Finally, as discussed in detail in an accompanying article (page 46), the Department of the Army's Deployment Occupational and Environmental Health Risk Management (DOEHRM) program policy has 13 major elements that enable commanders to better manage their responsibilities to minimize both known and potential deployment OEH exposures to Soldiers, Department of the Army (DA) civilians, and Army contractors.
The Deployment Environmental Surveillance Program (DESP) provides coordination of technical consultative "reach-back" assistance concerning deployment occupational and environmental health (OEH) surveillance issues, operational risk management estimate assessments, and coordination of sample collection equipment.
The existing DESP mission supports the Army Deployment Occupational and Environmental Health Risk Management (DOEHRM) program (see accompanying article, page 46) by championing the collection, documentation, evaluation, and reporting of OEH sampling data in the standard operational risk management (ORM) principle format.
The DESP provides coordination of technical consultative reach-back assistance concerning deployment OEH issues, sample collection equipment, media, and shipping coordination.
The DESP is the central point of contact to coordinate and answer deployment OEH questions from personnel in both predeployment and deployed phases.