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OEICOhio East India Company (freelance web consulting)
OEICOpen Ended Investment Company
OEICOptoElectronic Integrated Circuit
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OEICs are open-ended investment vehicles that can adjust the number of shares in the fund either by issuing or eliminating shares.
At the same time the number of unit trust and OEIC ISAs in existence fell from 8.
However, an OEIC is a public limited company, whose shares are traded on a recognised exchange.
The OEIC proposal is a direct response to Singapore moving ahead as a choice of fund domicile but is more problematic as alternative managers probably want other structures as well," said Philippa Allen, head of ComplianceAsia Consulting.
Rather, investment managers are now allowed to organize and market two forms of open-end mutual funds in the United Kingdom: the OEIC and the unit trust (along with the closed-end fund, the investment trust).
The guide helps unit trust and OEIC (collective investments) investors understand what information to report to the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) when filling in their tax return.
There are various types of qualifying investments, including shares and securities listed on the UK stock exchange or on recognised foreign stock exchanges, authorised unit trust shares, shares in a UK OEIC and an interest in land or buildings.
Topics: innovative RFIC devices and circuit concepts, circuit design and fabrication, manufacturing technology and cost issues, CAD/CAM/CAT tools and techniques, IC test and methodology, packaging technology, reliability, advanced device applications, system applications, and optoelectronic and OEIC applications.
Nico had acquired the 10% equity from OEIC, an affiliate of state-owned National Iranian Oil Co.
But with an OEIC fund there is a single price when you buy or sell the shares.