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OEICOhio East India Company (freelance web consulting)
OEICOpen Ended Investment Company
OEICOptoElectronic Integrated Circuit
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21 billion was paid into UK-based unit trusts and OEICs during October, 26% higher than September's figure and 13%above levels for the same month of 2006.
The OEIC proposal is a direct response to Singapore moving ahead as a choice of fund domicile but is more problematic as alternative managers probably want other structures as well," said Philippa Allen, head of ComplianceAsia Consulting.
91) Acting through its board of directors, the OEIC contracts with a separate legal entity to act as its manager.
Your tax position will depend on the type of distribution you receive, which in turn will depend on the type of authorised unit trust or OEIC you invest in.
Companies like Finisar, Avago, Sumitomo, JDSU, Oclaro, OPLINK, Fujitsu, Source photonics, NeoPhotonics, Emcore, Hitachi Metals, Ruby Tech, WTD, HiOSO, Anhui Wantong, Gelin Weier, Beijing Huahuan, CMR Technology, Mingxun Hengji, Beijing Zhengyou, Global Technology, Shanshui Guangdian, Raisecom, G-First OEIC, Ebang and Kyland are profiled in this research available at http://www.
But with an OEIC fund there is a single price when you buy or sell the shares.
We expect this trend to continue and our new OEIC should be of interest to charities and other institutions.
The maximum is GBP250,000 in an OEIC and GBP7,200 in an ISA.
They will often contain an element of life cover and for this reason the tax treatment of investment bonds is more in line with a life assurance policy than an OEIC or investment trust.
24 OEIC Funds (Mid prices only) Singapore ASEAN 228.