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OEICOpen Ended Investment Company
OEICOptoElectronic Integrated Circuit
OEICOhio East India Company (freelance web consulting)
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Although the price will be closely related to the value of the underlying assets, it will not necessarily be identical, unlike unit trusts and OEICs, where the units /shares are valued and traded at net asset value (NAV) set once a day.
requirement of the OEIC board is that the fund's manager must serve
Gaurav Kumar, chief marketing of Prudential, said that the company has not yet lodged a formal application with the DFSA for the OEIC. The fund will be a multi-share class structure with two funds, one investing in India and China and the other investing in Asia.
At the same time the number of unit trust and OEIC ISAs in existence fell from 8.24 million to 8.23 million, according to the Investment Management Association.
Mr Maguire said, "This acquisition extends our OEIC funds to five, all of which emphasise the superior return profile of our private market investment business.
Topics: innovative RFIC devices and circuit concepts, circuit design and fabrication, manufacturing technology and cost issues, CAD/CAM/GAT tools and techniques, IC test and methodology, packaging technology, reliability, advanced device applications, system applications, and optoelectronic and OEIC applications.
An Oeic stands for "open-ended investment company" and new rules allow them to be sold in this country for the first time.
The fund is a sub-fund of Barings Umbrella Fund plc, an Ireland-domiciled open-ended investment company (OEIC), registered and authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland as a UCITS.
The funds, available to OEIC and ISA investors with an ongoing charge fee of 0.81 to 0.86 per cent, indicate what they offer in terms of risk and potential reward by stating in each fund name the minimum and maximum percentage limits to be held in equities, eg the Dynamic Focused 40-80 Portfolio.
A friend has recommended that I invest in an OEIC or a unit trust, but I don't understand the differences between the two.
The most appropriate option for most investors would be to invest in a unit trust or OEIC that specialises in commercial property.