OEIPOpen Event Incentive Program (horse shows)
OEIPOffice of Electronic Information Products
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Moreover, though, OEIP seeks to target a particular readership, but the entries, by highly qualified scholars in their respective fields, are written in such a simple and lucid way that makes them easily accessible to the general readership as well.
The two volumes of OEIP are comprised of 412 articles.
To illustrate the diversity of the topics covered in the OEIP, some randomly chosen titles are included here: "Aal Al-Bayt Institute For Islamic Thought, The Royal" (750 words), "Arab Spring" (2500 words), "Ghamidi, Javed Ahmad" (500 words), "Ghannushi, Rashid Al-" (700 words), "Caliphate, Theories of the" (3000 words), "Khilafat Movement" (1000 words), "Jihad" (3000 words), "Minority of Islamic Affairs" (750 words), "Monarchy" (1000 words), "Rebellion" (3500 words), "Siyasah Shariah" (2000 words), "Zaytunah" (500 words).