OEKOrchestra Ensemble Kanazawa (Japan)
OEKOffenbach Edition Keck (sheet music book)
OEKOda Ekonomike e Kosovës (Albanian: Kosova Chamber of Commerce)
OEKOlbiil Era Kelulau (Palauan legislative body)
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In this paper, the engineering-oriented OEK is defined as follows.
Engineering-oriented OEK is the operational knowhow comprising the specific motion combination, motion sequence formed during the repeated practice, and thinking of an individual, which are of value for bettering the production process.
This kind of OEK comes from an individual's repeated practice and thinking, which are the most effective and convenient motions for the specific operation.
As another form of the content of OEK, the motion sequence represents a complete operation method, with which a skilled operator conducts the most effective operation process.
The main body of OEK representation is OEK content incorporating the motion combination and motion sequence obtained from a skilled technician.
In many cases, skilled technicians are not aware of the OEK they possess and how this knowledge can be shared with others.
In the stage of OEK sources identification, the right manufacturing process or engineering problem is selected as the source of OEK acquisition.
At first, an engineering problem in the manufacturing process is selected as the OEK source.
The target of the stage of motion elicitation is to obtain the OEK content.
In the postprocessing stage, the problem scenarios, contributor's information, and knowledge credibility are integrated with the OEK content.
In the scenarios model, agents and their actions representing the operators' motion combination or motion sequence are the essential elements and are used for eliciting skillful operators' OEK content during the next stage.
The agents and their actions represent the technician's operation, which can be used to elicit technician's OEK.