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OELOver-Excitation Limiter
OELOffice of Export Licensing
OELOptical Evaluation Laboratory
OELOperational Events List
OELOperational Equipment List (US Army)
OELOpen End License
OELOpened End Line (of credit)
OELOptical Engineering Laboratory (University of Warwick, UK)
OELOld English Language
OELOffice of Early Learning (various locations)
OELOracle Enterprise Linux
OELOrganizational Equipment List
OELOriginal English Language
OELOccupational Exposure Level
OELOccupational Exposure Limit
OELOrganic Electroluminescent (display technology)
OELOptional Endorsement Line (US postal service)
OELOtto Energy Limited (Australia)
OELOra et Labora (Latin: Pray and Work)
OELOffice of Experiential Learning (various schools)
OELOpen Ended Line (chemical process industry for a pipe open to the atmosphere)
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For example, an OEL derived from the ADE may need to be adjusted for differences in bioavailability between the route used to identify the critical effect (e.
ADE Setting As with the setting of an OEL, the purpose of a hazard evaluation in setting the ADE is to identify all possible hazards associated with a pharmaceutical product and to rank hazards according to their severity.
The company will continue research on OEL technology based on what it has developed on its own," said Panasonic in a statement.
Thirteen years from its pilot program and only six years from its aforementioned achievements, OEL no longer exists in the state of New Jersey.
The OEL panel has advantageous features that neither conventional light sources, such as electric light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, nor light-emitting diodes (LED) provide, and therefore is expected to be a promising next generation lighting source.
That arrangement continued until early this month, when OEG purchased the assets of OEL, including accounts receivable, inventory, and intellectual property.
Berwick House, 8-10 Knoll Rise ORPINGTON, Kent BR6 OEL GREAT BRITAIN
Affygility Solutions, a leading provider of environmental, health and safety services and software to the life science industry, today announced the release of OEL Fastrac[TM] service, an online service for requesting and obtaining occupational exposure limit (OEL) and acceptable daily exposure (ADE) monographs for common active pharmaceutical ingredients.
Soon OEL will also trade in Omani and East African metals.
The acquisition of OEL, headquartered in Aberdeen, with bases in Houston, Dubai, Singapore and Perth W.
Whilst no guarantees were made, we believe that our views were understood and that the OEL route would achieve the same objective as Authorisation under REACH but without the significant costs and uncertainties to industry.
Sharp has also succeeded in applying the semiconductor material to OEL panels and making their images crisper as well as in utilizing it to make non-display products such as a central processing unit for personal computers.