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OELOver-Excitation Limiter
OELOffice of Export Licensing
OELOptical Evaluation Laboratory
OELOperational Events List
OELOperational Equipment List (US Army)
OELOpen End License
OELOpened End Line (of credit)
OELOptical Engineering Laboratory (University of Warwick, UK)
OELOld English Language
OELOffice of Early Learning (various locations)
OELOracle Enterprise Linux
OELOrganizational Equipment List
OELOriginal English Language
OELOccupational Exposure Level
OELOccupational Exposure Limit
OELOrganic Electroluminescent (display technology)
OELOptional Endorsement Line (US postal service)
OELOtto Energy Limited (Australia)
OELOra et Labora (Latin: Pray and Work)
OELOffice of Experiential Learning (various schools)
OELOpen Ended Line (chemical process industry for a pipe open to the atmosphere)
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The company will continue research on OEL technology based on what it has developed on its own," said Panasonic in a statement.
The training needs of the OEL members varied greatly, from small agencies that had staff with no experience in basic technology to large agencies with sophisticated systems and a training budget.
IK-Group will retain the established OEL brand and global structure as this has proven to be highly successful.
An OEL may also have an associated Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL), to which personnel may be exposed for only 15-minute intervals, and/or a Ceiling or Maximum Acceptable Concentration, which should never be exceeded.
The organic light-emitting device (OLED), which exploits OEL emission from organic semiconducting thin films (with thicknesses of less than a few hundred nanometers), sandwiched between electrodes, has attracted keen interest in its application to flat-panel displays, due to its high luminous efficiency, low driving voltage, tunable colors as well as a convenient device-structure design and low fabrication costs when compared with every other known display device.
OEL has received financial support in the form of loans from its holding company, AM Holdings Ltd, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands.
A non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) to buy a stake in a company indirectly involved with China oil giant PetroChina in developing two oilfields in China's Jilin province is signed by CATALIST-listed OEL Holdings.
Securefill 12T is a capsule filler for very potent formulations with OEL 4 & 5.
OEL is an electronic material for use in next-generation flat TVs to follow the liquid crystal display and plasma display televisions.
OEL display panels are viewed as the next-generation flat display panels that could replace liquid crystal display (LCD) panels.