OELMOccupational and Environmental Laboratory Medicine (External Quality Assessment Schemes)
OELMOptimal External Laryngeal Manipulation
OELMOptical End of Line Metrology
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Adjuvant manoeuvres such as optimum external laryngeal pressure (OELM) or upward pressure on the epiglottis with the tip of the blade or both; intubating stylet or McCoy's blade were used to facilitate intubation, if required.
2: Relationship Between laryngoscopic grade and number of intubation attempts and requirement of OELM. Laryngosco Total Difficulty during intubation pic grade n=435 (Cormack & EI (DIS DI (DIS P value Lehane) <4) n=393 [greater than or equal to] 4) n=42 EVL 273 273 (100%) 0 (I, II) I (62.76%) (0.00%) 0.000S n=380 (87.35%) 107 105 2 II (24.60%) (98.13%) (1.86%) DVL 53 15 38 (III, IV) III (12.18%) (28.3%) (71.7%) n=55 0.46 (12.65%) 2 0 2 NS IV (0.46%) (0.00%) (100%) Laryngosco No.
darbend-om that I close; dar-e-bend-om I close, EY da:-ne-band-i-u it doesn't coagulate; dar-om-bass I closed, oelm derembess I closed eyes; dar-m-e-bess I would close, EY -es da:-bas he tied; dar-em-besse I have closed; dar-em-besse bu I had closed