OELSOrganic Entry Level Stewardship (UK)
OELSOutdoor Education Laboratory School (Colorado)
OELSOffice of Executive Leadership Services
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To date, the Riverview site has had the containment capability and engineering controls to safely handle HPAPIs with OELs down to 1mcg/[m.sup.3], at scales ranging from grams to -250 kilos.
The French system for establishing regulatory OELs is organized following 3 phases:
France considers three RMOs: (1) authorisation under REACH rules; (2) restrictions for specific uses under REACH rules and (3) the setting of a binding Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) for nickel compounds which is an option outside the REACH regulation.
Establishment of health-based limit, both Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) and Acceptable Daily Exposures (DEs)
The Maximum Admissible Concentrations of chemicals (MAC (TWA), OELs) are defined as values the effect of which on workers during their whole productive lives should not cause adverse changes in the state of their health and the health of their next generations.
As existing ESA (Environmentally Sensitive Area) and CSS (Countryside Stewardship Scheme) agreements come to an end - and almost 80% of the 126 agreements in the North East run out in 2012 - they need to consider whether they should transfer to one of the newer Environmental Stewardship schemes: Entry Level Scheme (ELS), Organic Entry Level Scheme (OELS) and Higher Level Scheme (HLS).
An open-face design provides containment for compounds with OELs of 1 ug/[m.sup.3] or more; the addition of glove-panels transforms the unit into an isolator to achieve OELs less than 1 ug/[m.sup.3].
Natural England has been forced by the EU to make a major change to the ESS and the way in which points are scored for the Entry Level, Higher Level and Organic Entry Level Schemes (ELS & OELS).