OEQOffice of Environmental Quality
OEQOriginal Equipment Quality
OEQOpen-Ended Questions
OEQOrder of Engineers of Quebec (Quebec, Canada)
OEQObligatory Exercise Questionnaire
OEQOliver Evans Quintet
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La taille de la population a l'etude etait estimee a 89 participants, considerant le nombre d'ergotherapeutes exercant dans une commission scolaire ou une ecole selon le repertoire des membres de l'OEQ (consulte en 2017).
In support of hypothesis 2b, Group-Based Dominance (GBD) was found to be a stronger predictor of materialism compared to Opposition to Equality (OEQ).
[H.sub.1] : Operating Effectiveness Quotient (OEQ) and approach/avoidance of motives will significantly vary across Age, Gender, Work Experience and Salary.
In yet another study (Ackerman, 1997), 10th and 11th graders (N = 79), 42 of whom were identified as gifted, were given the OEQ. The results showed that the psychomotor, intellectual, and emotional overexcitabilities were significantly higher in the gifted group than in the nongifted group.
The statutory duties and functions of the Director of OEQ direct him or her to assist and advise the President on environmental quality related policies and programs of the federal government by
The Objectification Experiences Questionnaire (OEQ; Burnett, 1995) is a self-report instrument designed to measure objectification experiences, such as sexualized inspection and verbal harassment, which are conceptualized as gendered daily hassles that contribute to negative psychological outcomes among women, including dysphoria and depression.
One thousand second and third year students were randomly selected from the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, using a specifically constructed computer program, and sent a packet of information including an introductory letter, demographic questions, OEQ, EDI and a pre-paid return envelope.
En la actualidad, para evaluar los problemas con la adiccion al ejercicio se dispone de pruebas generales como son The Obligatory Exercise Questionnaire (OEQ) de Pasman y Thompson (1988); The Exercise Dependence Questionnaire (EDQ) de Ogden, Vaele y Summers (1997); The Exercise Dependence Scale (EDS) de Hausenblas y Downs (2002a, 2002b); The Exercise Commitment Survey (ECS) de Garman, Hayduk, Crider y Hodel (2004); The Exercise Addiction Inventory (EAI) de Terry, Szabo y Griffiths (2004) y The Exercise Dependence Scale-Revised (EDS-R) de Downs, Hausenblas y Nigg (2004) traducida y adaptada al castellano por Sicilia y Gonzalez-Cutre (2011).
At first, the most common instrument used to examine OEs was the 21-item OEQ, which was modified by Ackerman and Miller (1997) to 24 open-ended questions.
With some exceptions, OE is assessed with the Overexcitability Questionnaire (OEQ; Lysy & Piechowski, 1983).
Much of the research that has been conducted on OEs and giftedness has used the OEQ , or its revised version, the OEQII (Ackerman, 1997; Bouchet & Falk, 2001; Gallagher, 1986; Miller et al., 1994; Piechowski, 1986; Piechowski & Colangelo, 1984; Piechowski & Miller, 1995).