OESCOklahoma Employment Security Commission
OESCOntario Electrical Safety Code (regulations; Canada)
OESCOntario Education Services Corporation (Canada)
OESCOntario Energy Savings Corporation (now Just Energy; Canada)
OESCOregon Electrical Specialty Code (regulations)
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It should be noted that the template in the hands of Catholic Insight is not the identical copy available on the OESC website, and since numerous calls to OESC have not resulted in speaking to a "live" person, it is unknown which copy is the latest draft or legal copy sent to all school boards).
OESC provides unemployment compensation to support unemployed workers and their communities; matches jobs and workers to benefit local labor markets; prepares a skilled workforce to meet employers' needs; and gathers, analyzes and disseminates information about the labor force to improve local economic decisions.
Effective August 1, 2005, OESLP acquired substantially all of the assets and certain related liabilities of OESC, thereby transferring operations and all future marketing efforts in Ontario to OESLP.
On April 1, 2003, Energy Savings entered into Marketing Fee Payment Agreements ("Marketing Agreements") with three officers, through its subsidiary OESC (see Note 13(b)).
Unlimited Class A preference shares, non-voting for OESC, non-cumulative, exchangeable into trust units in accordance with the OESC shareholders' agreement, with no priority on dissolution.
OESC is obligated to disperse the monies to eligible end-use customers in accordance with the Market Power Mitigation Agreement as part of OESC's Retailer License Conditions.
The Fund grants awards under its 2004 Directors' deferred compensation plan to all independent directors of OESC.
Each of the holders of the OESC Class A Preference shares is entitled to receive, on a quarterly basis, a management bonus equal to the amount paid or payable to a Unitholder on a comparable number of units.
During the year, OESC and USESC entered into a $60.
Due to the success of the business and customer aggregation levels, OESC generates significant cash flows resulting in taxable income.
On November 1, 2004, OESC and USESC entered into a $60.
On April 1, 2003, the Fund, through its subsidiary OESC, entered into Marketing Fee Payment Agreements ("Marketing Agreements") with three officers.