OESIOffice of Education and Special Initiatives (National Cancer Institute; Bethesda, MD)
OESIOmaha Electric Service, Inc. (Nebraska)
OESIOhio Environmental Services Industries
OESIOlympia Educational Systems Institute (Fredericksburg, VA)
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An OESI task force can help develop such a protocol.
OESI should study and recommend the institutional framework for a board or expert group to "audit the auditors," that is, to evaluate the 3PV system used for offshore safety.
An OESI task force should be quickly convened to recommend the data that all operators must start to submit to BSEE.
An OESI forum or workshop that draws the participation of workers, industry managers, government regulators, and labor specialists from academe can fill a void that appears to now exist in U.
OESI, or some other entity, should conduct a study of what safety data is made publicly available and in what forms by trade associations and regulators in both the global offshore oil industry and in analogous contexts onshore in the United States (such as onshore oil and gas operations, refineries, and the nuclear industry).
Without further ado, and without waiting for OESI expertise or any other input, BSEE can immediately issue a statement informing industry that the OCS Lands Act imposes a general duty on all offshore leaseholders' operators to "maintain all places of employment .
OESI was created by the Department of Interior to continue the work of OESAC in areas such as: facilitating research and development; training federal workers to identify, verify and adopt the use of Best Available and Safest Technology (BAST) offshore; and implementing improvements in offshore drilling, safety and environmental protection, blowout containment and oil spill response.
OESI will be a consortium of Texas A&M University's Engineering Experiment Station, which houses a Process Safety Center that will manage the new Ocean Energy Safety Institute, in partnership with the University of Houston's Cullen College of Engineering and the University of Texas.
OESI will also research improvements in environmental protection, blowout containment, and oil spill response.
The NAS report stressed the importance of hiring a Chief Engineer for OESI who had the same qualifications as would be found in the private sector.
If OESI is not structured as a multi-disciplined forum for both the technical and the human behavior side of offshore safety, or if OESI fails to set a collaborative and strategic research agenda that involves multiple parties (such as COS, other offshore industry associations, academics, labor, NGOs and regulators), then BSEE's progress toward becoming an effective regulator will probably be slower.
OESI and BSEE can also draw on experts from the National Academies, the National Labs, ANSI and academic centers like the Center for Catastrophic Risk Management at the University of California at Berkeley to recommend an assessment protocol and perform the first assessments of the COS-ASP audit regime until BSEE has the requisite in-house capacity.