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OETAOklahoma Educational Television Authority
OETAOccupied Enemy Territory Administration (UK/Palestine)
OETAOklahoma Educational Television Association
OETAOriginal Estimated Time of Arrival
OETAOregon Environmental Technology Association (trade association)
OETAOhio Educational Theatre Association (Cincinnati, OH)
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That step allowed Britain and France finally to ratify the Lebanon-Palestine border, which replaced the OETA line.Aa
The fate of the Seven Villages was sealed on April 24 1924 when villages and farms located north of the Palestine OETA line were formally moved at British insistence from the jurisdiction of Greater Lebanon to Palestine -- a total Lebanese land loss of more than 2,729 hectares.
It is being developed in cooperation with OETA, which will air the show at 7 a.m.
His body was placed on a pyre on Mount Oeta (modern Greek Oiti), his mortal part being thus consumed and his divine part ascending to heaven.
Bill Snyder, executive director of the Oregon Environmental Technology Association (OETA) in Eugene, said the profit potential of Mitchell's invention is significant.
He built himself a funeral pyre on Mount Oeta and persuaded Poeas with the gift of his bow and arrows to set it afire.
"The Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) and its former foundation partner, OETA Foundation, Inc.
The liquid on the shirt causes Hercules intolerable suffering, to escape from which he has himself placed on a pyre on Mount Oeta.
Increasingly, this is the genesis of trade associations such as the Oregon Environmental Technology Association (OETA).
"Bob" Allen was Oklahoma's pubic television pioneer and for more than 25 years he worked for and received praise for bringing national attention to OETA The Oklahoma Network.