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OETAOklahoma Educational Television Authority
OETAOccupied Enemy Territory Administration (UK/Palestine)
OETAOklahoma Educational Television Association
OETAOriginal Estimated Time of Arrival
OETAOregon Environmental Technology Association (trade association)
OETAOhio Educational Theatre Association (Cincinnati, OH)
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That step allowed Britain and France finally to ratify the Lebanon-Palestine border, which replaced the OETA line.
The final act came in April 1924 when around 24 villages and farms that had found themselves north of the OETA line (thus under French administration) but south of the new border were formally transferred to the jurisdiction of British Mandate Palestine.
It is being developed in cooperation with OETA, which will air the show at 7 a.
Brief Description of Requirement: OETA has been awarded the C3 Competitive Grant for the purpose of operating Ready to Learn, an educational support and community learning program.
Illa igitur ob neglectum honorem indignata, aprum insignis magnitudinis ac feritatis, qui in Oeta monte versabatur, in Calydonium agrum inmisit, qui universam regionem devastaret (20).
The liquid on the shirt causes Hercules intolerable suffering, to escape from which he has himself placed on a pyre on Mount Oeta.
This industry partnership is a vital strategy," says Bill Snyder, OETA executive director.
The Oregon Economic Development Department has awarded the OETA a grant of $40,000 to help its members achieve their objectives.