OETSOffice of Emergency Telecommunications Services (New Jersey)
OETSOhio Educational Television Stations
OETSOdd-Even Transposition Sort
OETSOrder Entry Tracking System (software)
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Por una parte, de los modelos de OET que contienen Unidades de Gestion Ambiental (UGA) en zonas con manglares, se caracterizaron los criterios de regulacion ecologica sobre humedales y aves de humedal en sus diferentes escalas de aplicacion (Marino Regional, Regional Estatal (Costero) y Municipal (Local) (Figs.
La estrategia "b" analiza la pertinencia de los criterios de regulacion ecologica expresados en los OET y en los PM de la ANP para las zonas de humedal en base en una recopilacion bibliografica de la informacion cientifica que caracteriza ecologicamente las zonas habitadas por diversas familias de aves de humedal (habitat, depredadores, alimento y principales amenazas).
La presencia tematica de aspectos relevantes a la preservacion o impacto en humedales y aves de humedal entre los criterios de regulacion ecologica de los OET en los tres niveles espaciales (Marino Regional, Estatal Costero y Municipal) y las reglas de Programas de Manejo (PM) de ANP en zonas con manglares (Tabla 3) muestran que no existe una estructura jerarquica o anidada de estrategias de manejo a diferentes escalas.
Using the same computerized treadmill, the subjects performed a walking and running test that began with a warm-up of 2 min at 3.0 km x [h.sup.-1] followed by 30 min at OETS. Recovery consisted of a 2 min walk at 3.0 km x [h.sup.-1].
The average OETS of walking was 7.4 [+ or -] 0.3 km x [h.sup.-1] (minimum 7.0 and maximum 8.0 km x [h.sup.-1]).
"Rebecca Oet's free fall into silence paints a realistic scene laden with emotional truth."--Ann Burg
There are a number of reasons why Daniel's poetry deserves or, rather, requires such a full-scale OET edition.
Some measure of the complexity of Daniel's revisions will be clear at once from the uncorrected draft version of a section from the OET text of Book ii of The Civil Wars, shown in Figs 1A, 1B, which prints stanzas 13-16 with their textual apparatus (including five stanzas, here numbered as 13a to 13e, that Daniel had taken out of the poem before he published the final version in 1609).[12]