OEUEOrganising for EU (European Union) Enlargement
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Finally, the positive and significant coefficient on OEUE suggests that workers who our model suggests are "generally mismatched" believe that their experience on the job improves their subsequent opportunities for success more than those workers who are observed and predicted to be matched.
The three pairing types representing general mismatch are all positive, but only the coefficient on OEUE (that is not accounted for by our model) is significant.
On the other hand, the coefficient on the OEUE mismatch category is positive but insignificant.
Viewed to the front, the family resemblance to both theMurano and Qashqai is OEuE ?O?
A full five-seater, the sloping roof did make it a bit OEuE ?O?
UNIQUE Q LOOKS Z The Nissan Juke J has a sporty top p y p half and rugged gg OEuE ?O?