OEZOlympia-Einkaufs-Zentrum (Munich shopping mall)
OEZOsteuropaeische Zeit (German: Eastern European Time)
OEZOpen Economic Zone
OEZOdontogenic Epithelial Zone
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The OEZ centre in the north of the city is next to the stadium used in the 1972 Olympics, where Palestinian militants took 11 Israeli athletes hostage before murdering all their captives.
Officers also warned the public: "Avoid the neighbourhood around the OEZ. Stay in your homes.
So in Figures 50a and 50b, oez koja 'from where' is an ordinary AP marked with an L+H* pitch accent and an h boundary tone.
([dagger]) Present address: BP Institute and Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge, Madingley Rise, Madingley Rd., Cambridge, CB3 OEZ, United Kingdom.
(40) A similar concern for the temporality of the poetic enterprise is demonstrated by Marie de France, who, in the opening lines of 'Guigemar', famously appeals for her own inscription in literary posterity: 'Oez, seignurs, ke dit Marie, Ki en sun tens pas ne s'oblie' (Lais, ed.
"Edith, bele seur, ke estes dolente?" "Dame," dit Edith, "Ore oez quei me turmente: Damoisele Osith a vus enveiay, 316 Un livre portant ke mut amay, Hui est le quart jur trespassant Puis n'en oi mes ne cuntremant; Dame, ke est ele demore tant?" 320 Dist Modwen: "De co ne soi rien avant." Si l'un' e l'autre fu esbaye Ceo demander serreit folie.
The Survey of Long Term Employment Strategies 1995 is available free of charge from the Institute of Management, 2 Savoy Court, Strand, London, WC2R OEZ. Tel: 0171 497 0580.
- Lee Eadie, 6 Rannoch Lane, Moddiesburn, Glasgow G96 OEZ.