OFAAOffice of Affirmative Action
OFAAOrganization for Alternative Access
OFAAOutlaw Fuel Altered Association
OFAAOsan Filipino American Association (Osan AB, South Korea)
OFAAOccupational First Aid Attendant (British Columbia, Canada)
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Mariam bint Mohammed Al Zadjaliyah, the OFAA director, said: "The exhibition, organised in coordination with the Foreign Ministry, will help in spreading the Omani fine arts culture in Europe."
On her turn, Mariam bint Mohammed al Zadjaliyah, OFAA Director said that the exhibition, which was organized in coordination with the Foreign Ministry, will help in spreading the Omani fine arts culture in Europe, thus, the UN's HQs' was chosen due to the gathering of all nationalities there.
"We've learned that a number ofAa luxury cars are being imported from the UK with finance outstanding." This scam involves approaching new car owners in the UK, who are falling behind on their finance payments.
Overall, contractors (armed and unarmed) now make up approximately 50% ofAa the "total force in Centcom AOR [Area of Responsibility]." This means there are a 242,657 contractors working on these two US wars under the leadership of commander in chief Barack Obama.
President Saleh said the rebels want to bring back the hands of the clock to the time ofAa clericalAa ImamiteAa period.
DEWA currently has a power output capacity ofAa 6,676 megawattsAawhile the peak load is 5,287 megawattsAa and a surplus of 1389 MW, which exceeds 26 per cent of electricity required during peak demand.
Summary: Alfa, one of the two mobile operators in Lebanon, launched an auction for premium cellular numbers on Monday, following the lead ofAa MTC Touch.
Another good way is to put up sign boards at the entrance ofAa those areas stating "Bicycles not allowed during hrs to hrs in this area".
The European Commission is apparently remaining tight-lipped concerning the setting up ofaa single fund consolidating all EU transport financial instruments (such as the Trans-European Transport Network - TEN-T - budget, Structural Funds or research and development programmes).
The event included a welcome address by Soha Radwan, CEO ofAa Global Consultants; as well as speeches from Ahmed Sabry, head of EC and internet group at the chamber of information technology and communication, and Marco Adel, e-marketing specialist at Amiral Management Corporation.
AaAaAaAa Organizing the workshop comes as part ofAa CMA's keenness to communicate with technical cadres working in the joint stock companies, developing them and improving their capacities to serve the companies' performance.
Observers report that the cost ofAa the "non-Maghreb" is exorbitant amounting to 1 to 2% in terms of GDP growth in the region.