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OFAHOntario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (Canada)
OFAHOnly Fools and Horses (BBC TV show)
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This is painting a very different picture than (we get) from the OFAH.
Earl Rowe Provincial Park, a natural reservoir and park in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, will be hosting the OFAH Travelling TackleShare programme for anglers and nature lovers.
The book is the perfect stocking filler for friends and family who are OFAH enthusiasts.
23 this year, however, Belcourt was the keynote speaker at the annual general meeting of OFAH in Kingston.
In 1995, several staff from the MNR and staff and board members from the OFAH jointly organized a Hunting Heritage, Hunting Futures initiative "to preserve and promote hunting.
OFAH, which likes to paint itself as a conservation group, bragged in its promotional brochure about its "victory" in getting the Tory minister, with the help of the logging and mining industries, to reduce the total proposed park area by 60 per cent and convincing the government "to allow hunting, trapping and small outboard motors in classes of parks which had never before allowed them.
While his brother may not get any lines yet, the young Derek (Inbetweeners star James Buckley) does have to share the limelight with his mother Joan (Kellie Bright), a woman previously best known to OFAH fans for her suspiciously long list of deathbed requests.
OFAH creator John Sullivan was watching and created a character for him.
Mark Holme, OFAH spokesman, says the main argument that will be made is that "hunting is a form of expression, and constitutional guarantees under administrative laws were breached by the provincial government when it made arbitrary decisions on the spring bear hunt.
Mark Holmes, communications director for OFAH, said Belcourt and the information he imparted was well received.
Send donations to: OFAH, Hunting and Fishing Heritage Fund, P.
They also support continuing efforts to rehabilitate trout, "but in the meantime, let's create recreational opportunities," says OFAH fisheries biologist Al Rose.