OFAROn-Farm Adaptive Research (agriculture)
OFAROffice of Foreign Agricultural Relations (USDA)
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There are 1200 Palestinian political prisoner held by Israel in Ofar prison; nearly 100 of them are children.
Por lo tanto, daban la bienvenida al dinero y acogian las ideas de funcionarios como Earl Bressman, de la Office of Foreign Agriculture Relations (OFAR) del United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), para quien Latinoamerica debia avanzar hacia una nueva era:
* Israeli settlers continue aggressions against the land of TobasC* tens of the prisoners injured in the occupation incursion into Ofar prison.
About the petrochemical products, he said the oil imports from Gulf amounted US$177 billion annually, ofar greater than we have with any other country over the worldo.
But Miss Pike went on to admit that, at one point, she took her obsession with the ex-MPs ofar that she even "went out with someone with red hair just because they looked like Neil."
His perception of the field, ins= ofar as he is known to have expressed it, seems informed partly by na=EFve = and ideologically motivated preconceptions: to solve a conflict, sit down = with an adversary, decide on a bargain, implement it, and then go home.
Baikie said in the first half Cowdenbeath had Ostood offO Gretna giving them Ofar too much respect.O
Apparently, ARSC had intended that the provisions ofAR Secs.
In addition to paying bail, he has to attend a court hearing in six months at Ofar, a military prison in Ramallah.
The governorate of Salfit, in collaboration with the Anti-Settlement and Anti-Segregation Barrier Association battled the military decision at Ofar Court and won, which was the first victory ever for Palestinians.
Ammar al Lawati, senior prodA[degrees] uct manager for finance at Nawras, said, "All Nawras customers can use BankDhofar cash deposit machine facilities to pay or rechaA[degrees] rge, while customers of both BanA[degrees] kDhofar and Nawras can pay and recharge their Nawras service from the comfort of their home or office using their existing BankDhA[degrees] ofar Internet banking account."