OFARMOrganic Farmers Agency for Relationship Marketing
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Guptill and Welsh suggest that OFARM (Organic Farmers' Agency for Relationship Marketing) addresses some of these traditional strengths of cooperatives.
Formed in 2001, OFARM is a federation of six member cooperatives and one nonprofit firm.
According to Guptill and Welsh, OFARM is the largest single organized block of producers growing organic field crops in North America, covering 18 states and the province of Ontario.
Author's note: Readers may also examine the web pages of Organic Valley, OFARM, Country Natural Beef and Thumb Oilseed Producers Cooperative to see what these cooperatives are doing in this area of development.
OFARM collects information on inventories, production, marketing and pricing, then shares this information with its members.
OFARM members have recently confronted a very challenging market situation with escalating input costs, the global economic crisis, a softening of organic sales, unfavorable weather and some quality and storage issues.
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