OFATOnline Facilitation and Tutoring (UK)
OFATOptical Fiber Access Tool (Corning)
OFATOut-of-Field Authorization to Teach
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Currently, the application of both Classical One Factor At a Time (OFAT) and Central Composite Design (CCD) for the optimization of process parameters were the main focus, which was taken into consideration for the enhanced production of L-asparaginase by supplementing wheat bran as a carbon source for the Myroides gitamensis (M.
Process optimisation can be performed using technique such as OFAT and statistical tools such as RSM and artificial neural network (ANN) [92, 99,105].
The objectives of this study are, thus, (1) to define a conceptual framework and to propose a modified OFAT method for separating the individual contribution of climate and LUCC to flow regimes, (2) to improve the separation accuracy and to compare the separation results with climatic conditions, and (3) to compare and gain further insights and understand the effects of the two major factors on streamflow.
One factor at a time (OFAT) approach for selection of carbon and nitrogen sources for xylanase production
To optimize the significant parameters and to evaluate the effect of process parameters on the process performance, the experiments on Ti alloys have been done by using one-parameter -at-a-time OFAT approach, which intern to explain the effects among various process parameters.
During the weeklong protests, which preceded the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi on 3 July 2013, anti-harassment groups reported the occurrence ofat least 101cases of alleged sexual assault in Tahrir Square.
By us eating too much, ers are going without." " The issue of food poverty is ofat relevance to the North East ere the amount of people havto rely on food banks, like one Gateshead supported by Elisath, has rocketed.
This is because the traditional method of optimization will require one parameter to be varied while keeping the rest constant (OFAT).
When compared to the one-factor-at-a-time (OFAT) design, design of experiments (DoE) allows in-depth analysis of process engineering involved in drug formulations [11].
Sanford BernsteinOs Craig Moffett, who rates AT&T stock a Market Perform, writes this morning that the Ofat lady has taken the stageO for this deal, further advancing a thesis expressed a while back, to wit, the deal is dead.
Traditional experimenters will use either "common" knowledge, which will usually lead to "one factor at a time" (OFAT) experiments where the experimenter will only change one part of a recipe, or a process factor.