OFBWOvary-Free Body Weight (marine biology)
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Relative batch fecundity had a range of 94.4-509.5 eggs [g.sup.-1] OFBW and a mean of 213.1 eggs [g.sup.-1] OFBW (SE 35.7) (Table 5).
We report that Southern Kingfish has a 6-month spawning period that occurs from spring to summer and that an individual female spawns, on average, 213.1 eggs [g.sup.-1] OFBW once per week.
Previously reported estimates for 20 females in the northcentral GOM (Fritzsche and Crowe (3)) were a mean BF of 105,359 eggs (range: 46,024-332,229 eggs) and a mean RBF of 527 eggs [g.sup.-1] OFBW, but these 2 estimates are based on all oocytes >300 [micro]m.
There was no significant relationship between BF and FL (P=0.105) or OFBW (P=0.097) for FOM samples.
BF = 19.29 x OFBW + 1,113,713 [[r.sup.2]=0.11, P=0.097].