OFDIOutward Foreign Direct Investment
OFDIOral-Facial-Digital Type I (genetics)
OFDIOffice of Foreign Direct Investment (US Department of Commerce; now defunct)
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Based on these broad approaches, the aim of this work is to examine two major theoretical perspectives in order to create propositions about the case of OFDI from emerging countries: (i) the motivations and impacts of FDI on the microeconomic perspectives of markets and firms; (ii) macroeconomic restrains in the formation of savings and investment; and (iii) the policies that may fit to the Brazilian case.
The comparative statics show the positive impacts of imports (M), exports (X), production from inward FDI ([S.sup.F]), and production from outward FDI ([S.sup.D]) on product innovation: Recall that we have [S.sup.F] = [S.sup.F](IFDI) and [S.sup.D] = [S.sup.D](OFDI), with positive effects of IFDI and OFDI on [S.sup.F] and [S.sup.D], respectively.
IFDI consistently outpaced the amount of OFDI. In fact, the role of IFDI in the U.S.
A new strand of literature has shifted onto the consequences of OFDI from emerging countries (EOFDI) on performance, growth, technology of the host countries, opening a vast and promising area of research.
However, the FIP and the MBITT are instruments aimed at attracting FDI into the SADC region, and less concerned with outward investments (OFDI) from the region.
The editors have organized the sixteen selections that make up the main body of the text in three parts devoted to the theoretical, methodological, and social aspects of outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) in emerging economies, case studies of OFDI in Europe, and case studies from Asia.
The other method is swept source OCT or optical Fourier domain imaging (OFDI) [4].
Indeed, in absolute terms, annual COFDI barely topped $20 billion before 2007 and reached $100 billion only after 2013, making China the third largest source of OFDI worldwide after the United States and Japan.
With the acceleration of economic integration, countries of emerging economies has been enhancing the strength of outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) and investment entity also take advantage of cast resources and mechanism in countries holding technical advantages beyond those of home countries to form the embedding and digging mode of foreign technology and obtain reverse spillover from OFDI.