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OFDMOrthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
OFDMOptical Frequency Division Multiplexing
OFDMOperational Flight Data Monitoring (aviation)
OFDMOffice of Forms and Document Management (Oregon)
OFDMOffene Fragen Der Mobilkommunikation (German: Open Questions in Mobile Communications)
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Haimovich, "Iterative estimation and cancellation of clipping noise for OFDM signals," IEEE Communications Letters, vol.
Figure 10 presents the throughput result for the proposed waveform as compared to OFDM waveform.
The basic model of OFDM transmitter and receiver is presented as shown in figure 1.
The proposed Dual Polarization Optical OFDM (DP-O-OFDM) system block diagram is shown in figure (2) which consists of the O-OFDM transmitter, which comprises of the BER test set to generate the data bits and performs direct error counting, a serial to parallel converter which converts the input bit sequence into two outputs sequences and then encodes the binary data using two parallel 16 QAM encoders, an OFDM modulation block is located in this place to generate an OFDM signal.
In this method, at the beginning, N independent sequences are generated from the input OFDM signal, each sequence will be multiplied by different phase sequence to generate another N independent sequences X = [[X.sub.1],[X.sub.2],[??],[X.sub.N]] and these sequences are then forwarded into IFFT operation simultaneously to generate the vectors: x = [[x.sub.1],[x.sub.2],[??],[x.sub.N]].
[10] Yang Z, Fang H, Pan C, "ACE with frame interleaving scheme to reduce peak-to-average power ratio in OFDM systems," IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, vol.51, no.4, pp.571-575, 2005.
In Lin, Nassar, and Evans (2013), application ofSparse Bayesian Learning (SBL) technique was introduced to diminish the periodic impulsive-noise and asynchronous impulsive-noise present in OFDM PLC.
Consider a uniform linear array (ULA) including M elements, where each of them transmits OFDM waveform.
The OFDM transmitter performs various functions as (i) mapping of data bits into OFDM symbols through inverse fast Fourier transform (IFFT), (ii) inserting cyclic prefix (CP) to combat ISI, and (iii) generating real-time signals through digital-to-analog conversion (DAC).
When considering the presented investigations related to range processing approaches in the integrated systems using traditional OFDM signals, a typical approach of direct match filtering has been presented in [2], where one-bit data is carried on each subcarrier, which results in a low data rate and high range sidelobes.