OFESOffice of Fusion Energy Sciences (US Department of Energy; Washington, DC)
OFESOffice Fédéral de l'Education et de la Science (French: Federal Office for Education and Science; Switzerland)
OFESOil Field Engine Society
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A fifty year eddy-resolving simulation of the World Oceanpreliminary outcomes of OFES (OGCM for the Earth simulator).
frontalis fue acoplado al modelo OFES implementado para la zona de estudio.
donde u y v son las componentes ortogonales esteoeste y norte-sur de las corrientes respectivamente, y w es la componente vertical proveniente de las salidas del modelo OFES.
Edmund Synakowski, head of the OFES, also presented Erol with a DOE Distinguished Career Service Award on behalf of DOE Office of Science Director Bill Brinkman.
Within the OFES request, ITER would receive $105M compared to the FY 2010 level of $135M and the planned $80M for FY 2011.
leadership in Petawatt laser research, construction of OMEGA EP, and joint OFES and ICF efforts in high-energy density physics.
The Fusion Nuclear Science Pathways Assessment (FNS-PA) is intended to provide information to the OFES on the research and development required to establish a basis for a demonstration fusion power plant.
The present exercise is to dig deeper into the specification of research and development to a level allowing OFES to solicit proposals from the community.
OFES director Ed Synakowski confirmed that the wording represented a deliberate intent on his part to put less emphasis on the "confinement concept" aspect of the term "ICC" and more on the "innovative" aspect in support of the broader scientific aspects of the fusion program.
However, the OFES also received $91 M in "stimulus" funding, so that the Office of Management and Budget estimates the real OFES spending to be $468 M in FY 2009 and an estimated $444 M in FY 2010.
OFES asks for $80 M for ITER in FY 2011 compared to $135 M provided in FY 2010.
The bill provides $426 M for the OFES, which is $5 M higher than the President's request.