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OFFAOrthopedic Foundation for Animals
OFFAOffice for Fair Access (UK)
OFFAOffice of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (Canada)
OFFAOrganic Food for All (blog)
OFFAOne Firmware for All (software and software porting group)
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That is why the chieftaincy controls more than 50 per cent of the land mass of Offa. Growing up, I knew that I must be interested in taking care of my community, protect it as much as I can.
On Saturday, Mold lost 2-1 against Offa with Jonathan Ford scoring what proved to be a consolation, while Mostyn beat Brymbo thanks to two goals from Kyle Wilkes.
The CofE is now considering the re-opening of Offa House as a retreat, a partnership with an aligned organisation, or the sale of the long-term lease of the property.
That victory came offa perch of 85 but the handicapper was perhaps a bit over zealous in hiking him back to 91 after that win and Pearl acclaim has struggled again a bit since then.
That is a pity, for Offa was a ruler who had an acute awareness of the world around him and who engaged not only in war but also in diplomacy.
It was really encouraging that OFFA recognised the Students into Schools programme in their report where current students work in schools across the region for academic credit.
He added: "We are also very keen to hear from anyone inside the Offa's Tavern who can assist indicate how it all started and exactly who is involved."
It is one of 24 universities in England, plus one further education college, which OFFA has agreed can cut their fees.
The OFFA report shows Newcastle University was top in the whole of the UK for investing tuition fee money in additional outreach programmes.
The white and tan terrier puppy, named Offa, was found abandoned near a north Wales river.
According to the Old English poem "Widsith," Offa saved his aged father, King Wermund, from Saxon domination by defeating a Saxon king's son in single combat.
ERMASOFT Laser Envelope is a program that automates the process, grabbing names and addresses offa computer screen and formatting them to fit exactly where they should on any size envelope or label.