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207), poor people who have less access to resources, or people with disabilities who face limited physical access to offl ine activism.
This was particularly true for less involved subscribers who often could not follow online arguments because they knew little about groups' offl ine dynamics and because posted messages lacked contextualizing information.
This online and offl ine male dominance prevented several women from posting to the list and from becoming (more) involved offl ine.
The second list was predominantly used by a single group that had already developed its collective identity offl ine.
Online hostilities, high list volume, subscribers' anonymity, discriminatory online behavior and a lack of information about how to get involved in groups prevent subscribers from becoming active online and offl ine.
I found in my study that list use allowed subscribers who were not able to attend, or not comfortable attending, offl ine group activities to still be involved, if only to spread the word online and offl ine and to attend some of the protest activities.
Once these study participants knew more about the issues at hand, they became more involved online and offl ine.
Online networking can therefore result in offl ine actions.
(2001) Juvenile asymmetric segmental spinal muscular atrophy (Hirayama's disease): three cases without evidence offl exion myelopathy'.
He noted that oxygen (Offl) and UHC (ultra-high contrast) filters gave similar contrast enhancements, but that the UHC was better at showing the annularity, which was subtle.
In operations outside of Korea, SDDC 320 has been involved and integrated into the operational personnel assigned to port operations, which include supervising the offl oads and on-loads of vessels with military cargo.