OFFPOil For Food Programme
OFFPOvarian Follicular Fluid Peptide (bioscience)
OFFPOperating Fund Financing Program (HUD)
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For analysis of the AWB affair from a legal perspective, see Kevin Boreham, '"A Delicate Business': Did AWB's Kickbacks to Iraq Under the UN OFFP Constitute a Violation of Australia's International Obligations?
JofA: What can our readers learn from the OFFP investigation as it pertains to the global state of fraud and corruption?
For the Republicans, the OFFP accusations came at a critical time.
In the wake of the first Gulf War in 1991, the OFFP was established to allow Iraq to sell limited quantities of oil in return for food, medicines and other humanitarian aid for the benefit of the Iraqi people who were at the time feeling the effects of internationally-imposed sanctions.
Our team began developing requirements and worked very closely with all import departments to both verify the quantities and prioritize products already approved and funded under the OFFP.
The OFFP was established in 1995 to allow Iraq to sell oil and purchase humanitarian relief items--primarily food and medicine--for ordinary Iraqis who were suffering the devastating effects of sanctions imposed by the Security Council after Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait.
This was to a large extent the case with the oil-for-food program (OFFP), in which the United States held a singular role in determining many aspects of the Iraq sanctions regime--for example, in the leadership and control of the Multinational Interception Force, as well as in providing agreement and support to the other aspects of the program that were adopted--such as the decision to permit Iraq to choose its trade partners under the OFFP.
The remaining balance of funds held in the OFFP will be transferred to the CPA administered Development Fund for Iraq.
sanctions regime and outside of the OFFP, but did not take action to punish states engaged in illicit oil trading with Saddam Hussein's regime.
announced approval, in consultation with the United States, of $2 billion in projects using remaining funds from the OFFP, including $1 billion in oil industry spare parts, $794 million for electric power, $54 million for water and sanitation, and $30 million for youth and sports.