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sports' are extremely rare under nature, but far from rare under cultivation; and in this case we see that the treatment of the parent has affected a bud or offset, and not the ovules or pollen.
At every mooring-chain and rope, at every stationery boat or barge that split the current into a broad- arrowhead, at the offsets from the piers of Southwark Bridge, at the paddles of the river steamboats as they beat the filthy water, at the floating logs of timber lashed together lying off certain wharves, his shining eyes darted a hungry look.
They speak the Shoshonie language, and probably are offsets from that tribe, though they have peculiarities of their own, which distinguish them from all other Indians.
As a compensation against their romance, Miss Twinkleton, reading aloud, made the most of all the latitudes and longitudes, bearings, winds, currents, offsets, and other statistics (which she felt to be none the less improving because they expressed nothing whatever to her); while Rosa, listening intently, made the most of what was nearest to her heart.
Industrializing countries view offset policies in a positive light, but their importance can be over-stated.
Another major criticism of offset is that it whiffs of intrigue and corruption (Transparency International, 2010, pp.
Developing states have come to view offset as a catalyst for industrial development, more effective than either import substitution or foreign direct investment, because the recipient country's offset authority can exert relatively greater leverage to extract meaningful technology transfer.
Nevertheless, due to the tightness of market conditions, smaller contracts will still prove attractive to overseas vendors, and, offset will inevitably be a prerequisite for closing the deal.
well as the basics of how offset transactions work.
12) An offset agreement is made between a defense vendor and a
business occurring in an offset arrangement is dependent on the
the offset transaction either would not occur on the open market, or