OFHOld Folks Home
OFHOur Father's House (Fitchburg, MA)
OFHOffice of Family Health
OFHOdd Fellows Hall (various locations)
OFHOrphans Faith Home (est. 1981; India)
OFHOxygen Fixation Hypothesis (radiation oncology)
OFHOccasional Fasting Hyperglycaemia (diabetes)
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In OFH and WH 141 adolescents from 8th, 9th and 10th were examined.
Parcel et al (1977) (5) reported prevalence of acne in 30% of their study group of urban lower middle socio-economic adolescents, which is more or less similar to the present study of OFH 39.
In the present study, OFH group consisting of boys hailing from lower middle class was comparable with Despande et al.
Essentially, the criterion used for deriving the OFH makes B/N select optimal k in the presence of all three shocks simultaneously in stochastic simulations, with the importance of each shock depending both on how strongly it enters the model's structural equations and on the shock variance-covariance matrix.
How far such an exercise, whether to examine OPHs or OFHs, could be applied to the much larger and more complex models actually used in most real-life forecasting exercises, including those in the Bank, remains an open question.
The friends saw the Vectra, N94 OFH, in Torquay, between 11pm and midnight but he drove away.
The friends later saw the Vectra, registration N94 OFH, in nearby Torquay, South Devon, between 11pm and midnight.