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Ofie and Willie easily slipped into the groove of two young professionals trying to learn more about each other through doing things together like watching concerts and basketball games, catching snacks at fast food restaurants and doing fine dining every now and then when they could afford it.
" After two years of arduous courtship, while sipping coffee together one afternoon, Ofie whispered that she was choosing him, above all others to be the love of her life.
From that time on, Ofie trimmed down her social agenda and patiently waited for each of Willie's returns, greeting him with a small party of relatives and close friends.
"Sixty years have come and gone since that day," recall Willie and Ofie. "God blessed us with six wonderful children who have done us proud by reaching the highest levels of success in the career paths they had chosen for themselves.
Talking to Arab News by phone Ofie said that she was working as a house cook and escaped from employer on Aug.
"The Eritrean started giving orders to me and when I did not follow her she complained to the employer's wife, saying that I did not want to work," Ofie said.
Ofie said that she was being asked to work outside the kitchen.
The circumstances took a turn for the worse when the Eritrean complained about Ofie's work, angering the wife.
Ambassador MacArthur Corsino, Ofie's deputy in Turkey, remembers how she swamped him with books.
Susan Po Rufno emailed yesteryears recollection that from ASEAN desk she would fetch Ofie who was gnoming on the North Bornero (Sabah issue) desk Together they would head down to the "smoky mountain" of DFA spokesman Guilling Sison and Rod Severino Sr.
Teresa Dizon de Vega (Foreign Secretary Alan Per Cayetano's new undersecretary for administration), recalled that regal demeanor of Ofie and how young officers looked up to her despite her colorful vernacular vocabulary (which she used in rage or just plain excitement), She amplified and expounded on the reputation of a woman of steel and "pusong mamon."
Ofie was the doting favorite of three nieces and three nephews, whom she pampered and tough loved and sent to schooling.