OFIPOntario Focused Intervention Partnership (education; Canada)
OFIPOpen Format for Interactive Publications (digital publishing; WoodWing Software)
OfIPOffice of Intellectual Property
OFIPOntario Film Investment Program (Ontario, Canada)
OFIPOntario Focused Intervention Plan
OFIPOptimized Financial Instruments Processing (Credit Suisse, Zurich)
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School boards (secular or Catholic) with schools that have an OFIP designation receive additional funds that are targeted for such things as "job-embedded professional learning for teachers, resources, literacy and numeracy coaches and release time to facilitate additional training opportunities" (OFIP, 2008, n.
The newly elected provincial Tories under Mike Harris cut deeply into the OFDC, freezing production funding and slashing the amount of money available for OFIP, the Ontario tax rebate program operated by the OFDC.