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OFLOur Fearless Leader
OFLOrganizational Forms Library (Microsoft)
OFLOntario Federation of Labour
OFLObject Functional Language
OFLOpen Flexible Languages
OFLOpen Font License
OFLOpen Font License (SIL International)
OFLOff Line
OFLOpportunities for Learning (La Canada, CA charter school)
OFLOverall Foreign Loss
OFLOut For Lunch
OFLOpaque Flecks in Lens
OFLOffice of Freight Logistics
OFLOver Fill Launch (multimode cable LANs)
OFLOver Fishing Level
OFLOsteopathic Finish Line (Des Moines University; Iowa)
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First was his decision in the mid-1980s to expand the OFL executive to include a position for the Left Caucus.
(35) On 10 February, a rally of about 300 supporters was held, with the strikers praised and feted by speakers including OFL president David Archer, who concentrated on the injunction issue.
Leading up to the 1995 OFL convention, factions of the trade union leaderships held to two main strategic sessions on how to respond to the Harris government.
That it has not been embraced by the OFL or its affiliated unions is beyond question.
The Canadian Director of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) - whose TTC membership, for the most part, didn't cross picket lines on October 25th-understated the problem in a letter to OFL: "[T]he Days of Action campaign is increasing the divisions within the labour movement, not building unity."
This split in the labour bureaucracy in Ontario, fought out in the upper echelons of the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL), is of fundamental importance.
Certainlyw henthings were going right forhim towardsthe end ofl ast year, oncethey had foundthe r ightw ay tori de, hew as only getting going towardstheend oft hemile.
But the chant wasn't in vain: it did drown out another long-winded speech by OFL President Gord Wilson.
Only modestlya way,h eshow edg oode arly tot urn second b ehind Farloe I ronman but further progress wasnotimmediateandhestill hada couple ofl engths tof indapproachingthethird bend.Edged closerfr omthat p ointa ndc ame througho ntheinside toc hallengeandget up closehome.
At the start of the Ontario Federation of Labour's (OFL) convention in November, thousands rallied against Bill 7, the new Tory "right-to-work" legislation that replaced the NDP's labour law.
Lyric OfL ighte njoyedan unbeatenju venile campaignwhich climaxedi na Group1 victoryin the Fillies' Mile.D iscourses lammed Lily'sA ngel whentakinga Group3 inthemanner ofaf uturestar ?