OFLCOffice of Film and Literature Classification (Australia)
OFLCOffice of Foreign Liquidation Commission (US Navy)
OFLCOffice of Foreign Labor Certification
OFLCOur Father Lutheran Church (Centennial, CO)
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(5) Michelle Baker records that John Findlay, Attorney General at the time, introduced the Indecent Publications Act, 1910 as a mechanism for the protection of the "liberty that ennobles a nation' while removing the 'license which degrades." Michelle Baker, 'From "The Butcher's Shop" to "The Peaceful Pill": Censorship in New Zealand,' OFLC. Available at: http://www.classificationoffice.
On that date, the National Archives and Records Administration approved the 5-year plan that was originally put forth by the DOL's Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC).
"The OFLC decision says that the film may be 'injurious to the public good'' if it goes out on a wider release," Ant Timpson, programmer for the New Zealand International Film Festival, said in a statement.
(132) The OFLC administrator did not find it necessary or appropriate to cut off the employer's access to workers.
The OFLC denied the request without seeing the film, based on the director Tony Comstock's previous explicit documentaries that depict real couples having real sex.
These traders operate in a market that is one of the largest installed bases of modified consoles (meaning an Xbox or Playstation 2 hardwired to accept burnt DVDs of games or imported titles) in the world, and thus anything refused classification by the OFLC is not only fair game, but automatically finds its way--without a cent of restitution to the developers--into the hands of thousands of curious players.
In spite of all the jumping and shouting by the animal activists, and the tiniest amount of media coverage, the film barely raised an eyebrow at OFLC headquarters, and having run its race at MIFF, Casuistry disappeared back into the ether.
The OFLC did not budge, winning praise from distribs for withstanding political pressure.
The X18+ rating appears to imply a denial of artistic merit; OFLC director Des Clark said that 'the frequency, duration and detail' of the sex in the film made the X18+ rating more appropriate than R.
There is some support for the OFLC decision on 9 Songs.
The government plans to increase fees charged by the Office of Film & Literature Classification by more than 50% in line with a 1997 decision that the OFLC should recover its costs in full.
The OFLC is well aware of the enormous changes technology is making to the world of censorship and classification.