OFPPOffice of Federal Procurement Policy (OMB)
OFPPOffice Fédéral de la Protection de la Population (French)
OFPPOperations Finance Preparatory Programme (Singapore and UK)
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This statement was made in OFPP's 2011 "Mythbusting" memo intended to address the federal workforce's misconceptions about vendor engagement.
The document stated that the OSTP and OFPP "seek to encourage greater innovation in federal contracting....
(51) Based on President Obama's guidance, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget directed the OFPP to take action.
Congress insulated OFPP from direct presidential control after President Richard Nixon's budget impoundments and the OMB's attempts to exert political control over administrative agencies.
(16) The Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) also weighed in, citing e-RAs as an industry "best practice" that maximizes competition and serves as a model to maximize DoD's return on investment.
Recommendation: To address the cost-reimbursement contract issues, and to help ensure that analysis is conducted to determine whether to continue using cost-reimbursement contracts when experience may provide a basis to transition to firmer pricing, the Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) should take steps to amend the FAR.
Julie Basile, an e-Gov visionary at OFPP, recently developed a concept called "RapidAward," which would allow for emergency purchasing or purchases from remote offices from a handheld personal digital assistant (PDA) or telephone.
The OFPP letter provides guidelines for establishing, organizing, and managing FFRDCs.
The law requires the OFPP to establish standards for evaluating performance, policies for collecting and maintaining information on past performance, policies to ensure that offerors can submit relevant information, and the period for which performance information may be maintained.
These included public hearings by the Ontario Forest Policy Panel (OFPP 1993), an environmental assessment of timber management on Crown lands in Ontario by the Environmental Assessment Board (OEAB 1994), and development of complementary legislation in the form of an Environmental Bill of Rights for Ontario (LAO 1993).