OFPSOnline First Person Shooter
OFPSOnline Foto Print System (software)
OFPSOnline First Person Shooter (gaming)
OFPSOh for Pete's Sake
OFPSObjective Force People Support
OFPSOucher Face Pain Scale (anesthesiology)
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The Senate Armed Services Committee, in its report for the Fiscal Year 2015 National Defense Authorization Act, commended the team's approach and said: The committee strongly supports SOCOM's efforts to accelerate fielding of advanced weapons, sensors, and emerging technologies on its fleet of MQ-9 UAVs through the MQ-9 [MALET] program of record utilizing the Lead-Off Hitter rapid acquisition process." Recently, ACC officially directed the program of record to employ the AFSOC OFPs and ended its own separate software development program.
After twice fielding a software release--also called Operational Flight Program (OFP)--derived from an ACC version in order to support urgent requirements, SOCOM sought increased independence over its fielding schedules and initiated a Combat Evaluation called Lead-Off Hitter (LOH).
The OFP represents "the backbone" of the service's recapitalization effort, he added.
The relationship of the OFP and MD in an active EA system is analogous to a spreadsheet program and its data.
This often contributes to the perception that the EW system is ineffective, even though the hardware and OFP design and available intelligence data are not the problem.
The memory of a computer-based RWR is divided by convention into the OFP and the MDT.
The corresponding operational flight plan (OFP) will be both large (typically on the order of a million lines of Ada code) and complex.
This primary pertains to ECCM aspects of the radar software, referred to as the radar's operational flight program (OFP).
The B-2 currently uses software called an operational flight program (OFP) to manage the communication between the jet and the hardware that holds and dispenses its weapons.
With an OFP of 53, solid ML average across the board, especially the peripherals.
The Operational Flight Program (OFP) Preparation and Load process at the F/A-22 Combined Test Force (CTF) at Edwards Air Force Base (AFB) was selected by the F-22 Enterprise Lean Team.