OFQOrphanin FQ/Nociceptin
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We used exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses to validate the OFQ. This sequential statistical procedure, often used in quantitative research, involved an initial exploratory analysis of the OFQ.
We advanced the factor structure of the OFQ with the use of CFA procedures (Byrne, 2012; Kline, 2011) to validate and confirm the EFA findings.
In summary, drawn from the EFA and CFA statistical testing, we note that the OFQ has sound construct validity and reliability measures.
We used the OFQ to measure the four components of optimized functioning.
The second author, who was blind to success group membership, privately reviewed each participant's OFQ responses with him or her to ensure accuracy of interpretation.
A number of common themes regarding coping, obstacles to success, and sources of motivation emerged from the content analysis of the OFQ. When cell sizes allowed, chi-square analyses were performed; no statistically significant success group or gender differences across categories were identified.
All participants responded to the "factors that help you cope with ADHD in college" OFQ item.
Boyle likewise makes a lengthy attack on the view that there is "in every natural body such a thing as a substantial form, from which all its properties and qualities immediately flow" (OFQ 67).
Boyle, to take another example, criticizes substantial forms on the ground that they are "imagine [d] to be a very substance, indeed a kind of soul" (OFQ 38).
(OFQ 40) Boyle takes himself to have modified the scholastic account in two ways.
Dittrich for providing the Organizational Fairness Questionnaire (OFQ).
(4.) Although the fit indicators of the OFQ confirmatory model are not as high as conventional standards would suggest as providing a good fit (i.e..