OFSTEADOffice for Standards in Education (UK)
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"This study underscores the importance of consistently monitoring reprocessing outcomes to ensure ureteroscopes are sterile and safe for patient use," said lead study author Cori Ofstead. "Sterilization failures were unexpected and are deeply concerning."
While no patients were involved in this study, Ofstead said the study is evidence that contaminated scopes are being used, with unknown implications for patients.
"Sterilization doesn't work if scopes aren't clean," Ofstead said.
Eugene Ofstead of the Transportation Research Board testified, "Opportunities exist for improving the efficiency of the highway system through reform of federal truck size and weight regulations.
She hated the very idea of her bright lad being consigned because of his father's political views to the local comp which languishes on Ofstead's failing list.
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Consequently, many families receive some form of government support, such as food stamps and other types of public assistance (Slesinger & Ofstead, 1990).
These problems include minor to severe orthopedic, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and respiratory illness (Fernandez & Folkman, 1975; Slesinger, 1988; Slesinger & Ofstead, 1990).
"Nervousness" was reported by Slesinger and Ofstead (1990) as a serious mental health condition which was found to be prevalent among a sample of agricultural workers in Wisconsin.
HEADTEACHER: Hugh Robinson is delighted with the school's Ofstead report
Congratulations to all Staff and Pupils at Westmoor Primary School, at Southgate, Killingworth, on their Ofstead report, which recognised the school as outstanding.
The teaching staff at all three middle schools are excellent, as seen by their OFSTEAD reports and SATS results and national achievement awards.